Awards - Winner - Wooden construction 2014 - 01.09.2016

In 2014 we won the valuable award - the wooden construction of the year 2014 - Winner in the category Realized timbered houses. The award is all the more important that we are winners based on the evaluation of the jury.

We thank you for your favor and you are welcome!

Balloons and Airships - 28.08.2016

Dear friends,

the enthusiastic response to the opening of the new heliport on our ranch, we went to meet demand and classic balloonists and we make available our area for takeoff and landing balloons and airships.

Do not hesitate to take advantage of this unique opportunity to visit our ranch this way. We welcome you.

To prevent further for us unexpected demands, also working urgently on the project landing spacecraft.  :-)

New heliport - 28.08.2016

Dear friends,

for easier and more convenient access for our visitors to our facilities ave launched this year a new heliport.

Do not hesitate to use it at any time.

Saint Nicholas Day - 05.12.2014

Meeting horse lovers and veterans - 23.09.2014

Special Guest Mr. Karel Loprais - the Legend of the Race Rally Dakar

Meeting horse lovers and veterans - 18.08.2014

We would like to invite you to Saturday, 23.08 on our ranch onthe meeting of horse lovers not only live, but also under the hood. You can enjoy live dulcimer music - Denar, barbecues and other program e.g. Horseback riding, historic vehicles, etc.. Event starts at 13:00. As usual, admission is free :)

Farm Festival - 12.07.2014

On our ranch took place the Farmer's festivities. Beautiful weather,  we welcomed almost 4,000 visitors. Various program for small childern and parents. We thank you for visiting!

Visit of Mr. Brabec, Mr. STREJCEK and Mrs. MILER - 17.05.2014

Our ranch also visited Mr. Lubomir Brabec - very famous czech guitar player and Mr. Ivo Strejček - Member of the European Parliament, with his wife and Mrs. Miler - wife of the late cartoonist and creator of the famous cartoon characters - The Little Mole. Many thanks for a very pleasant visit.

Lažínky as a favorite destination of Austrian travelers - 07.10.2013

On Friday, September 13, 2013, we again welcomed another group of Austrian travelers on horseback. They planned 2-day stay but they stayd three days with us. It is a common phenomenon that visitors stay longer. It is especially because of the hospitality of the ranch owners, delicious cuisine, beautiful environment with unrestricted movement over a wide area. In particular, the Austrian horse owners appreciate the freedom of movement of the surrounding areas without any restrictions by the owners of the land.

Austrian friends, welcome to Lazinky!

Ride Appaloosa III with Karel Schwarzenberg - 29.09.2013

Motorally not only for bikers

Meeting with presidental candidate Karel Schwarzenberg

Visit from Austria - 23.08.2013

On 25th May 2013 visited us four riders from Austria, they were so excited about our ranch and the near area that they stayed with us for 3 more days.

Visit from France - 27.10.2012

In the summer visited us two Frenchmen. They were on journey from Montpelier - France to Zilina - Slovakia. They had to travel about 2 500 Km long way only with two horses and one mule. They planned to stay here with us only for one night but in the end they left us after four days, so much they were satisfied. We are glad that we could entertain them.

Moto Rally - Appaloosa Ride - 06.09.2012

First meeting with friends was great, the weather was gorgeous, about 150 motofans and friends have arrived and almost 70 bikes went for a ride. There was a smoked ham, sausages and some desserts for eat.

Thank for a pleasant day and we look forward to see you again on the next rally.

Horse Day - Children's Day - 17.06.2012


Today´s new stallion - 14.06.2012

New mare today - 31.05.2012

New mare - 26.05.2012

2 new foals - 22.05.2012

Mare and stallion

Another stallion - 17.05.2012

Look at pics of new stallion

New stallion today - 13.05.2012

Pics in gallery

Night birth - stallion - 11.05.2012

2 pics in gallery

2 foals yesterday - 10.05.2012

More pics in gallery

Today second mare - 07.05.2012

after 3 hours new mare

New mare today - 07.05.2012

New stallion in our family - 28.04.2012


New mare - 27.04.2012

Pics in gallery

New mare - 23.04.2012

A new addition to the family, mare now - 22.04.2012

A new addition to the family - 08.04.2012

New website - 01.03.2012

Today we launched a new website on our ranch, where you can see all the horses in our breed.